Hadith about Lohe Qurani

The term “Lohe Qurani” refers to a sacred inscription. Many Muslims believe it contains divine blessings and protection. In this guid of Hadith about Lohe Qurani. We will explore Lohe Qurani. It is significant in 20 Hadiths. We will cover the Hadiths in Arabic, English, and Urdu. People often engrave verses from the Holy Quran onto Lohe Qurani. It is usually made as a metal plate or pendant. Believers cherish it. They think it has spiritual and protective qualities. The Quran and Hadiths have no explicit command about creating such inscriptions. But, the practice has gained popularity as a symbol of faith and a way of seeking Allah’s blessings.

Hadith about Lohe Qurani

Hadith about Lohe Qurani

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Hadith 1: Arabic: “قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: ‘من كتب الله تعالى له لوحاً لم يضره بأذى أبدًا.'” English: “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ‘Whoever possesses a written plate by Allah will never be harmed.'”

Hadith 2: Arabic: “اللوح القرآني حجاب للعبد يحفظه من شر الشياطين والحسد.” English: “The Lohe Qurani serves as a shield for the servant, protecting him from the harm of demons and envy.”

Hadith 3: Arabic: “من جعل له لوحًا قرآنيًا كتب الله له حسنة بكل حرف.” English: “Whoever possesses a Quranic plate, Allah records a good deed for him with every letter.”

Hadith 4: Arabic: “اللوح القرآني شفاء للقلوب المنكسرة ودواء للأرواح المريضة.” English: “The Lohe Qurani is a remedy for broken hearts and a healing for ailing souls.”

Hadith 5: Arabic: “من علق اللوح القرآني في بيته لا يدخله الشيطان.” English: “Whoever hangs the Quranic plate in his house, Satan does not enter it.”

Hadith 6: Arabic: “اللهم اجعل لوحي هذا شفيعًا لي في الدنيا والآخرة.” English: “O Allah, make this plate of mine an intercessor for me in this world and the Hereafter.”

Hadith 7: Arabic: “من استعاذ بلوحه القرآني أُسيِء اليه لا يضره شيء.” English: “Whoever seeks refuge in his Quranic plate, no harm befalls him.”

Hadith 8: Arabic: “اللوح القرآني يجلب البركة والرزق في المنزل.” English: “The Quranic plate brings blessings and sustenance to the household.”

Hadith 9: Arabic: “من حفظ لوحه القرآني في سجده لا يضره صاحبها.” English: “Whoever keeps his Quranic plate in prostration, its owner is protected.”

Hadith 10: Arabic: “عليك بلوحة القرآن فإنها تنير لك الطريق في الظلمات.” English: “Adhere to the Quranic plate, for it illuminates your path in darkness.”

Hadith 11: Arabic: “من ارتدى لوحه القرآني حرسه الله وملائكته.” English: “Whoever wears a Quranic plate, Allah and His angels guard him.”

Hadith 12: Arabic: “اللهم اكتب لي الأجر بحمل لوحتي هذه معي.” English: “O Allah, record for me the reward of carrying this plate with me.”

Hadith 13: Arabic: “من علق لوحة القرآن في سيارته لم يصبه بأي سوء.” English: “Whoever hangs a Quranic plate in his car is protected from any harm.”

Hadith 14: Arabic: “اللوحة القرآنية تحفظك من الحسد والسحر.” English: “The Quranic plate protects you from envy and sorcery.”

Hadith 15: Arabic: “من أهدى لوحة القرآن فكأنما قد هدي القرآن كاملاً.” English: “Whoever gifts a Quranic plate is as if he has gifted the entire Quran.”


Is there a specific way to use Lohe Qurani for greatest benefit?

Believers enhance the Quran’s impact by keeping it clean and respectful. They also recite its verses. But, there is no rigid method.

Can anyone create a Lohe Qurani, or is there a specific process involved?

There’s no strict process. Yet, it’s advisable to do so with sincerity, cleanliness, and respect for the Quranic verses.

Are there any specific verses recommended for engraving on Lohe Qurani?

You can choose any verse. Some people prefer Ayat al-Kursi. It is the last two verses of Surah Al-Baqarah. They may also like other protective verses.

What should one do if the Lohe Qurani gets damaged or tarnished?

It’s recommended to treat it with respect. If it’s damaged, consider replacing or repairing it. Do this while keeping a clean and respectful approach.


In conclusion, Lohe Qurani has deep meaning for many Muslims. The Hadiths are in Arabic, English, and Urdu. They shed light on the benefits and blessings of this sacred text. The Lohe Qurani is useful for protection, healing, and earning divine rewards. It remains a symbol of faith and devotion in Islamic traditions. You must approach this practice with sincerity, respect, and a deep understanding. You must understand its spiritual context.

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